Mountains and Adventures

Sambawan Island, DIY style

At Sambawan Island






Biliran, Breakdown of Expenses:

Day 0
Food 125.00
Load 40.00
House to Airport 37.00 House to Terminal 4
Tricycle 200.00  Airport to Leyte Park Hotel
Day 1
Tricycle 8.00 Leyte Park Hotel to Van Vans Terminal (Tricycle)
Van 120.00 Tacloban to Naval 2 hours
Lunch 50.00 Lunch at Naval
Bread 20.00 Bakery
Others (Water and Chips) 60.00 Mercury Drug
Boat/Ferry 60.00 Naval to Maripipi 2 hours
Terminal Fee 10.00
Habal Habal 30.00 Habal to Boat Operator
Boat Fee 300.00 Maripipi Island to Sambawan Island 30 minutes
Food 60.00
Entrance (Island) 100.00
Tent Rental (P250/2) 125.00 Overnight stay at Sambawan Island
Hot Water (Coffee) 10.00
Day 2
Breakfast 50.00
Boat Fee 300.00 Sambawan Island to Kawayan Port 2 hours
Habal habal 150.00 Kawayan Port to Naval 30-45 minutes
Van 120.00 Naval to Tacloban 2 hours
Jeep 8.00 Tacloban to Airport
Food 75.00 Lunch
Terminal Fee 150.00 Tacloban  Airport
Jeep 8.00 Terminal 4 to Baclaran
UV/FX 25.00 Baclaran to Lawton
UV/FX 25.00 E.Rodriguez (House)
GRAND TOTAL 2,266.00

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