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Visiting La Union, 8 Destinations in 1 day challenge

La Union

Visiting La Union with 8 destinations in 1 day.

  1. Tangadan Falls at San Gabriel, La Union


      2) Baluarte Watch Tower (Pebble Capitol of the North)


     3) Bahay na Bato


4)  San Gabriel Municipal Hall (Top load)



5) San Juan, La Union (Surfing Time)15178093_10208265278655938_7459600036224521276_n

6) Ma-Cho Temple (San Fernando, La Union)


7) Thunderbird Sunset Viewing15239259_10208263063520561_969458366_n

8) Namacpacan Church




🚐12:00 MN- ETD to LA UNION
🏢5:00AM- ETA San Gabriel Municipal Hall
⛳️5:00AM- ETD to Tangadan Falls via Topload Jeep
🍞 6:00AM- Breakfast/ Short Trekking
🏊🏻6:30AM- 8:00AM- Swimming/ Balsa Rafting/ Photo Ops/ Tawanan/ Kulitan😂😜😎/
8:00AM-8:30AMEarly LUNCH 🍗🍚🍛🍴
🚍 9:00AM- ETD to San Gabriel via Habal- Habal + Topload Jeep
💃🏻10:30AM- ETD to Bahay na Bato (Luna, La Union)
🗿11:30AM- 12:00PM- Explore Bahay na Bato
🕕12:15PM- 1:00PM
⛪️-Namacpacan Church
🏰-400-year-old Baluarte Watch Tower/ Pebble Capital of the North
🏄🏼1:45PM- 3:15PM Surfing @ San Juan Surfing School (Surfing Capital of the North)
🏯3:30PM- 4:00PM- Ma- Cho Temple (San Fernando, La Union)
🏰4:30PM- 5:00PM- Poro Point Lighthouse/ Hidden Paradise
🌅5:15PM- 5:45PM- Sunset Viewing @ the Santorini-Inspired Thunderbird Resort Poro Point
🍧6:00PM- 6:45PM- Dinner @ Halo- Halo De Iloko Balay
🚐7:00PM- ETD to Manila/ Pasalubong Stop- over (Different kinds of Dried Fish/ Pusit)
😴12:00MN- ETA Manila




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