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El Nido and Puerto Princesa Trip

When I bought this ticket for Palawan, initially I don’t know where to go.  I have no idea what to do and where to go in Palawan.  When the time comes that I need to do my itineraries and do my research I  found out that travelling to Palawan is expensive.

Touchdown Puerto Princesa, Palawan


El Nido


Nacpan Beach


Underground River, Puerto Princesa Palawanimg_20161018_162159_695



Bye Palawanimg_20161019_084526


Day 0      October 15, 2016                Saturday
Manila to Puerto Princesa 1:40PM – 3:05 PM
3:00PM Touchdown Puerto Princesa
3:30PM Puerto Princesa to El Nido (5 hours)
9:00PM Touchdown El Nido
9:10PM Check In Hostel (OMP)
9:30PM Rest

Day 1       October 16, 2016               Sunday
6:00AM Wake Up
6:30AM Breakfast
7:00AM Free Time (within El Nido)
Due to bad weather (Bagyong Karen)
ALL Island Tours are cancelled
9:00AM Church Time
10:00AM Rest
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Free Time
9:00PM Rest

Day 2   October 17, 2016                Monday
6:30AM Wake Up
7:00AM Breakfast
7:30AM Climb Taraw
9:30AM Descent front Taraw Cliff
10:00AM Rest
11:00AM Rent a Motorbike
12:00PM Lunch at NACPAN BEACH
3:30PM off to Nacpan Beach
4:30PM Sunset watching at MARIGMEG BEACH “Las Cabañas”
5:30PM off to Marigmeg Beach
6:30PM Rest at OMP, pack up things
7:30PM Check out OMP Hostel
7:45PM At the Bus Terminal
9:00PM El Nido to Puerto Princesa (via Chery Bus)
3:00AM Touchdown Puerto Princesa

Day 4 October 18, 2016                 Tuesday
5:00AM Bus Terminal to Hostel
5:30AM Check In Hostel
6:00AM Rest and Eat Breakfast
7:00AM Leave for Undergorund River
5:00PM Back to Hostel
7:00PM Rest/Sleep

Day 5 October 19, 2016              Wednesday
4:30AM Wake Up call
5:30AM Breakfast
6:00AM Check out Hostel
6:10AM Hostel to Airport
Back to Manila


Day 0 October 15, 2016 Saturday
House to Quezon Ave. P 7
Quezon Ave. to Taft(Mrt) 23
Taft to Terminal 4 (Jeep) 7
Food 100
Puerto to El Nido (Van) 500
Food (Dinner) 80
El Nido to OMP (Tricycle) 50
OMP Hostel (2 Nights) 1040
TOTAL: P 1807

Day 1 October 16, 2016 Sunday
Cancel All Tours because of weather condition
Food (Lunch) P 100
Food (Dinner) 80
TOTAL : P 180

Day 2 October 17, 2016 Monday
Guide P 1000
Motor (Rental Fee) 350
Food 120
Chips 40
El Nido to Puerto (Bus) 450
Food (Dinner) 100
TOTAL : P 2060

Day 3 October 18, 2016 Tuesday
Bus Terminal to Hostel 120
Hostel 400
Underground River Tour 1340
Food 100
Tamilok 50
TOTAL : P 2010

Day 4 October 19, 2016 Wednesday
Food (Breakfast) P 50
Hostel to Airport(Tricycle) 20
Terminal Fee 200
TOTAL: P 270



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