Arts and Museum

Pinto Art Museum

I have been wanting to visit this place.  When I was invited to join a group who will visit the Masungi Georeserve with a side trip in Pinto Art and Regina RICA.  I told my self that this is my chance to visit this place.  So I grabbed the opportunity.


They said that the Museum was based on the idea of “man + nature + art,” and you can truly see it as you engage yourself in the place and notice how the whole place is covered by trees and plants and not much concrete. CAMERA
Some said that it’s called “Pinto” because there are many doors all over the place leading to different rooms and paths.




I really enjoy going to museums and art fairs because it satisfies my inner art geek who craves for these kinds of artsy stuff. There’s something so relaxing about it and it bring me some peace even just for a while. If you’re not really into art, I still HIGHLY suggest you to visit this place because everything about the place is just so beautiful. The ambiance, interiors and architecture are art in itself.12910260_1138235649541199_2073700763_n


San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal
Contact Number: Phone: (02) 697-1015
Entrance Ticket Rates:
Regular: Php 180
Senior Citizen: Php 150
Students with ID: Php 100
3 years old below: FREE
NOTE: NO Food, NO Pets, NO Smoking, NO Changing Clothes allowed inside the museum


Museum Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
9 AM – 6 PM


Photo Shoot Rates:
Php 7,500: Upper garden, lower garden and Indigenous Art Museum
Php 15,000: Upper garden, lower garden, Indigenous Art Museum and the new museum wing door
NOTE: Photo shoot rates are inclusive of:


► 5 hours shoot (Php 750 per hour in excess)


► 5 pax (Php 300 per head in excess)


► Non-airconditioned room for preps (Additional Php 500 for 5 hours for air-conditioned rooms, plus Php 100 per hour in excess)

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