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My Central Visayas Trip plus Southern Leyte (Cebu, Bohol and Palompon Leyte)

Osmena Peak



Kawasan Falls


Magellan’s Cross 


Temple of Lea 



Palompon, Leyte

St. Francis Xavier Church situated at the town proper, was constructed in 1784 but was renovated after sometime. Only few remains of the church can still be seen in the present church edifice. The church houses the image of St. Francis Xavier, known as Franciscong Gamay, which is 1.5 foot high.



Tourism Office, Palompon Leyte IMG_20160719_123207.jpg

At Kalanggaman Island



Chocolate Hills



I just want to share with you my IT and Expenses and other TIPS.

Day 0 July 16, 2016 Saturday
Manila to Cebu
House to MRT Quezon Ave. 10.00
MRT Quezon Ave to TAFT Ave Station 25.00
TAFT Ave. Station to Baclaran (Jeep) 7.00
Pedicab going to Terminal 4 30.00
TOTAL 72.00

Day 1 July 17, 2016 Sunday
House to South Bus Terminal (TAXI) 160.00
Bus to Dalaguete (Jump Off) 100.00
Ride a Habal Habal going to Osmena Peak + Kawasan Falls 600.00
Food 100.00
Load 100.00
Bus from Kawasan Falls to Cebu 126.00
Ride a Multicab going to Cebu Cathedral (attend a mass) 7.00
Drink 15.00
Ride a Multicab going to JY Square Mall 7.00
Ride a Habal Habal going to Temple of Lea 150.00
Entrance Fee (Temple of Lea) 50.00
from JY Square took a Multicab going to SM Cebu 7.00
Dinner (Food) 100.00
SM Cebu to Cordova (V Hire ) 35.00
Canjulao to House (Moller) 35.00
Sleep (lights off)
TOTAL 1,592.00

Day 2 July 18, 2016 Monday
Taxi to North Terminal 130.00
Ride a Van, North Terminal to Maya Port (2 Hours) 180.00
Maya Port to San Isidro 200.00
Originally my plan was to go to Malapascua Island before going to
Kalanggaman Island but due to unavoidable circumstances I
changed my itenirary.

Ride a Habal Habal San Isidro to Villaba 50.00
Villaba to Palompon, Leyte 50.00
from Palompon Leyte to Bgy. Himarco (took a Tricycle) 15.00
Unexpected and unplanned visit to my relatives 🙂
Rest and Sleep
TOTAL 625.00

Day 3 July 19, 2016 Tuesday
House to City proper (Palompon) 15.00
Palompon to Liberty Park ride a Potpot 5.00
Register for Kalanggaman Tour
the boat cost P 3, 500 package wether daytour or overnight, 250.00
since we do not plan to stay overnight and we just want to have a quick
visit to the island, we approached other group if we can join them we
will just pay them. Luckily they agreed. We pay them P500 for two(2)
one way, we will find our luck how we can go back to Palompon.

I am lucky because I was accompanied by my cousin (kababata), 200.00
she help me to talk with other locals (she became my interpreter, I
can only understand Bisaya but I can’t talk Bisaya, Maybe a little)
While having our lunch we got the chance to talked to the other locals
in Kalanggaman and asked them if we can join them or ride with them
going back to Palompon we will just give our share/payment.

from Palompon Tourism to City proper (ride a Pot Pot) 5.00
from Palompon City proper (ride a tricycle) going to Himarco 15.00
rest and pack my things
Himarco to Palompon Catholic Cemetery 15.00
I had a very meaningful travel. I was able to visit my Father’s tomb
and able to pray for his soul.
Palompon Terminal via Van going to Ormoc City 110.00
Ormoc to Cebu via Oceanjet (2 hours) 625.00
from Pier 1 going to house (TAXI) 160.00
Rest and Sleep
TOTAL 1,400.00

Day 4 July 20, 2016 Wednesday
House to Mercado via Multicab 7.00
from Mercado walk tru to Port
Port to Pier via Ferry 13.00
Terminal Fee 1.00
Pier to Tubigon (2 hours) 210.00
Terminal Fee 25.00
Tubigon to Bus Terminal via Tricycle 10.00
Tubigon to Carmen via Bus (1 hr and 30 mins) 50.00
Carmen Bus Station ride a Habal habal going to Chocolate Hills 150.00
Entrance Fee 50.00
Souvenirs 200.00
Carmen Bus Station to Tagbilaran via Bus (1hr and 30mins) 60.00
able to see Hanging Bridge, Loboc River Cruise, Loboc Church,
Blood compact and etc ( you can ride a Habal Habal para mapuntahan
ang mga must vist sa Bohol try to haggle na lang )
Tagbilaran Bus Station to Hotel via Multicab 8.00
Food/Dinner 150.00
Hotel c/o Nisa Travellers Hotel 600.00
Rest and Sleep
TOTAL 1,534.00

Day 5 July 21, 2016 Thursday
Hotel to Tagbilaran Airport 10.00
Terminal Fee 100.00
Terminal 4 Airport to Baclaran via Jeepney 7.00
Baclaran to TM Kalaw via Van 25.00
TM Kalaw to Quiapo via Van 20.00
Quiapo to Greenhills via Bus 25.00
Office mode
TOTAL 187.00

GRAND TOTAL 5,410.00


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