Mountains and Adventures

A day in Masungi Georeserve

Itinerary: Day Tour

2:30 AM  – Assembly at Mc Donald’s Greenfield District Shaw Blvd

3:00 AM – ETD to Garden Cottages (Tanay)

5:00 AM – ETA to Garden Cottages

Briefing fo Masungi Georeserve Discovery Trail

5:30 AM – Start of Discovery  Trail

10:00 AM – End of Discovery Trail


Basically a hammock fit for a giant, Duyan is the most photographed of all the trail features. And it’s easy to see why: the white of the braided ropes provide a stark albeit beautiful contrast to the emerald green of the trees, and then there’s the spectacular sprawl of rainforest everywhere
me at the Giant Duyan


Hovering over a cluster of limestones, Sapot was put up to get a great view without risking personal safety and damage to the rocks. This web-like industrial steel structure offers a 360-degree view which includes the superlative combo of the Sierra Madre mountain range on one side, and Laguna de Bay on the other.


The Group (Web)

me at Masungi

12939450_672476796223988_1409272379_n                                                                The Group in Clumsy bridge

Inside the PATAK

Connected by a rope bridge to Ditse is an “air house” in the shape of a raindrop.  “We couldn’t really call it a tree house because it’s not on a tree.”



Yungib ni Ruben

“He’s the one who takes care of this cave,” the man behind this, discover the trail and other important trails  when I asked who Ruben was.
If you want to experience Masungi Georeserve Discovery Trail
Go to to reserve a date.


Always bring extra towel (for sure pagpapawisan kayo ng husto)


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